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Auto-evaluation is work. More work. No matter what anyone will say. Someone has to prepare it, and then execute it. And unless this evaluation is done for the sake of it, it entails more work. If the evaluation states that all is as good as can be, this knowledge still has to be made useful. It the evaluation suggests adding a project, obviously, more work. And even if the evaluation suggests removing a project, that removal still is a piece of work. This is by no means me saying you shouldn’t auto-evaluate or change – this is me saying:...

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As you’re reading this, there is for the purposes of this article only 2 possible situations. You work for a company that does outside representation, or you don’t… (work; work for a company; work in a company that provides services or products or both). But whether or not you do, I am assuming that you will be able to understand the initial thought behind this rant. Have you ever had to change lanes because a delivery was made, and the driver was unable to park the van somewhere it would not have an effect on other peoples’ time? Have...

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